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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?

Every cat owner wants to know why cats love boxes. Whenever you bring a new toy at home, cats are more interested in the box than the toy. Now the question is, why they do this? In this article, we’ll tell you, why do cats love boxes?

5 Reasons Why Cats Love Boxes

There are many good reasons, but the main reason is boxes are confined and enclosed spaces. Cats love to find places where they can hide. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons:

· Boxes are safe

Cats get security and comfort in confined spaces; therefore, they love to spend time in cardboard boxes. When a cat is in the box, no one can sneak up from the side or behind. Boxes relieve stress and provide comfort.

· Boxes help cats to adapt

A study was performed on a group of shelter cats. Half cats were provided boxes, and the other half were not. Research showed that boxes allow cats to get used to new environments quickly. It means that boxes are beneficial for cats to accept change.

· Cats love to play with boxes

Boxes are just fun and allow cats to play with them. A cat can jump in and out, roll around it, and pounce on toys. Only provide your cat with a ball, and she will keep playing with it. These cardboard boxes act as Disneyland for cats.

· Cats love to scratch and chew

Cats love to sharpen their claws on carpet, couch, and curtains. Boxes allow them the opportunity for scratching. When the little claws sink into the cardboard, cats love this. Cat’s paws have scent pads, so they leave their scent on the box when they scratch. They can make this territory as their own little hiding place.

Cats also love to chew, and boxes offer them the opportunity to chew and tear up boxes. It allows them to fulfill their instinct to rip-up and kill the prey.

· Boxes are cozy

Cats love cozy places for sleep, and boxes offer them the perfect place. Sleeping patterns changes with time, but on average, cats sleep 18 hours every day. Boxes are the ideal places for cats to hide in and sleep. These luxury caves provide them protection and warmth. For more comfort, provide your cat with a blanket in the box.

How to Safely Prepare a Box for Your Cat?

Once you have got the answer to why cats love boxes, the next step is how to prepare one for your cat?

· Take staples out of the box.

· Remove rubber strings, twine, and bands. These items can lodge in your cat’s intestine.

· Remove the cuts so that they don’t harm the skin of your cat.

· Cats love adhesives, so tapes left on the box can be hazardous and can cause intestinal blockage when ingested.

· Ensure that box is free of plastic that can suffocate your cat.

By following all these steps, you can safely prepare a cat box for a cat that your cat would enjoy. In this way, you can provide your cat with a safe and fun place.

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