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What To Expect When You are Expecting a New Kitten

Kitten season is almost here. Based on my experience as a Fort Worth cat sitter people often ask me what is needed to prepare for a new kitten. When you have decided to bring a kitten home, you have to make some preparations. You need to provide a litter box, toys, food, and bedding. Moreover, you need to keep everything ready that your new kitten might need. Here we will discuss how do you prepare for a new kitten?

Tips for Preparing Yourself for a New Kitten

If you want to provide your kitten with a healthy, safe, and happy home, you should follow the tips given below:

· Remove Dangerous Objects

Kittens love to play and explore, and you must encourage this behavior. You have to remove dangerous objects that can harm them. If you have chemicals or pesticides at home, ensure that they’re stored properly. Treat your new kitten like your kids. Provide your new kitten with a safe and healthy environment.

· Cat Carrier

Ensure that you have a sturdy and comfortable cat carrier for bringing your kitten home safely. Get your kittens used to the carrier so that you can use it for vet visits, and carry them with you. Leave this carrier in the center of the room and place a towel in it for comfort.

· Comfortable Bedding

At an early age, kittens love to spend an average of 16 hours in bed. This rest helps them in growth. So, before getting your new kitten home, purchase a comfortable bed. It will keep your kitten safe and warm.

· Toys

As mentioned earlier, kittens love to play and sleep. Kittens require lots of fun toys to play with. If you want to keep your kittens active, provide them various fun toys. Toys are essential for exercise and development. Most cat toys are cheap, so you can buy different toys to keep your kitten happy and involved in different games.

· Kitten Food

Kittens need more proteins and fats than adult cats. You’ll need to feed them multiple times a day. You need to provide your kitten with a balanced diet. Some special foods are formulated for young kittens to keep them healthy and active. So, check the food label before buying any food for your kitten.

· Shallow Dish

You can serve your adult cats in food bowls, but these bowls are too deep for small kittens, and they find it difficult to eat. Young kittens don’t like to eat from these deep bowls. You can make eating easier for your kittens by serving them in a saucer or a shallow dish.

Prepare Yourself for a New Kitten

If you’re bringing a kitten home for the first time, you need to prepare yourself for the ownership. Kittens are different from other pets, and they need companionship, attention, and care. Follow these tips to make it a good experience for you and your new kitten:

· Ensure that you and your family members have time to spend with the kitten.

· Do you have a place where your kitten will spend the night?

· What’re the rules for your kitten? Can she sleep on furniture?

· Who will be responsible for kitten care?

Ensure that all the family members are on the same page. That’s how you can prepare yourself for a new kitten.

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