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What to Do When Your Cat Goes Missing.

Cats are amazing pets, and they form very strong bonds with their owners. No owner wants to lose their pet, but cats have an exploratory nature. Sometimes, they try to take the opportunity to go outside and try to explore the world. In doing so, a cat may forget its way back home and one may lose his/her beloved pet. So, what to do if your cat goes missing? This article will provide you with some useful tips to bring your cat back home.

Step 1: Search your house

Check every corner

First of all, don't panic. If you haven't seen your cat the whole night and you think that it is lost now, before doing anything, search the house from top to bottom. Don't let any stone unturned. Your small fluffy can be anywhere under the blanket, the couch, the table, or even in the kitchen cabinets. They do like to hide in small places. Don't they?

Look at its favorite hiding place

Try to remember your cat's previous behavior, if it has done anything like this in the past. Go to your cat's favorite places, where it likes to hide, and search those places properly. Keep yourself attentive all the time. You might hear some faint meowing and scratches coming from a corner.

Put your cat's litter box outside your house

If your cat is lost and is unable to find its way back home, the smell of the litter might help it find its way. They can smell the odor from several kilometers away. You can also put the cat food outside to attract your cat. Use the food if it has a strong smell or something that your cat really likes. For example, wet food, tuna, or your cat's favorite treat.

Step 2: Go for a door-to-door search

Go to your neighbor's house and ask them if they have seen your cat. Ask them to check their sheds, greenhouses, and garages too. Ask all the neighbors around your house, the ones on the other side of the road and behind your house too. Try to remember if your cat has been to any neighbor’s house or in someone's garden, particularly ask those neighbors and request them to check their lawn properly.

Look in the nearby park or community garden.

If there is any garden or small park nearby your house that your cat loves and often goes to, immediately go to that place, and ask the people or the caretaker about your cat. Don't forget to check the trash cans, bushes, and other places in the park where a cat can hide.

Share your cat's picture with your neighbors

Share your cat's picture with your neighbors and ask them to look around and give them your contact information so that they can call you in case they see your pet. Make sure that the pictures show your cat's distinguishing characteristics, so that it is easy to recognize it.

Step 3: Contact the organizations

After sharing the information with your neighbors, you should contact the organizations that can help you find your cat.

Contact the microchip company

If you have your cat microchipped, you can contact the company and register your missing pet there.

Contact nearby vets

Go to the nearby veterinary clinics and ask them about your cat if someone has recently brought that cat to them. Print out the pamphlets of your missing cat and write the following information on them:

● Cat's picture

● Age

● Gender

● Coat color

● Collar color

● Name of your cat

● Any distinguishing character

● Your contact numbers

Contact the pet shelters in the area.

Ask them if they have any cat that resembles your missing pet. Drop the information and pamphlets there too and ask them to contact you in case they come across your missing cat.

Post on Lost and found pet websites.

People there will inform you if they see your cat anywhere wandering around. Or if they have rescued your pet.

Step 4: Post on social media

Post on Facebook, Nextdoor, and the local FB groups. I know here in Benbrook lots of cats get back to their home with the help of social media.

Step 5: Distribute missing cat pamphlets in your area

Hand out pamphlets or flyers to the people passing by. Always a reward for whoever brings your cat back on the flyer.

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