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September is Cat Happiness Month

Keeping your feline companion happy just takes some love, a little effort, and a few useful tips. If you want your cat to thrive, then you need to learn the ways to keep them happy and healthy.

A cat is happiest when it's healthy. Ensuring your cat's physical and mental well-being means keeping it physically and mentally stimulated.

This September, celebrate Happy Cat Month and learn these tips to keep your cat happy:

Good nutrition

A healthy diet contributes to the overall health and happiness of your feline companion. The ideal diet for your cat is the one that ensures all the nutrients for your cat's growth and development. Give them a diet that is tailored to their age, gender, and activity level.

Setting up their space

Cats are natural climbers and seek high places when frightened. Do you know that cats need vertical space more than horizontal spaces? So, consider a tall object like a ladder to let them climb. You can use cat furniture which expands vertical space.

Provide a comfy area for relaxation

All cats need a designated, quiet, and comfortable to sleep. You must provide clean, warm, and dry bedding for sleeping and relaxing. A clean and safe bed enhances their feeling of security and keeps them healthy.

Give plenty of love

The more you spend time with your cat, the more you understand them and the more you love them. Let your feline friend know how much you love them. This will make your cat happy and content and can actually help to increase their life expectancy.

Remember that a little cuddling and love can go a long way! Many cats love to have their neck, chest, and back gently massaged by their owners. Take a quiet moment, speak to your cat affectionately, and pet them gently.

Put your cat on a schedule

Chaotic and inconsistent routines are quite overwhelming for a cat. It's true that cats actually crave and do better on a regular schedule.

A routine establishes a predictable stream of events for your cat. Follow an easy but consistent schedule like fixed meal time, going for a walk, or playtime. All these can keep your kitty calm and happy.

Give your cat a safe playtime

If your cat doesn’t have enough physical and mental stimulation indoors, it’s going to get bored. Playtime serves a big role in keeping your kitty healthy. All cats love to play either with their owners or with toys. Playtime will keep your cat young at heart. It also helps you to develop a strong bond with your pet. Select safe and interactive toys for your cat to prevent injuries.

Final Thoughts

Remember, when you bring home a feline member, you are committing to a long-term relationship. Generously give your time, a couple of times a day, to cuddle and play with your cat. As a loving cat parent, the steps we discussed above will help your cat to stay healthy and happy.

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