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Respect Your Cat Day

Discussing Different Ways To Show Your Cat Some Love In Honor Of Respect Your Cat Day 3/28

Cats are both wonderful animals and pets to have in our lives. They’re cute, cuddly, and very charismatic creatures. As much as we love and care for our feline friends, they don’t always notice our affection. That’s why March 28th is known and celebrated as Respect Your Cat Day! Although every day of the year is a good day to celebrate your love for your cat, March 28th is extra special. This article will discuss the holiday of Respect Your Cat Day and several different ways you can respect your cat this March 28th.


The key to a cats’ heart is often through their stomach. One of the best ways to respect and spoil your cat this March 28th is by giving them some tasty treats. We encourage you to try giving your cat something they don’t usually get to eat. There is a wide variety of cat treats on the market that come in dry, wet, freeze-dried, and raw form. Most cats really enjoy the “sleeves” or “pouches” of puree food such as Churu, Hartz Squeeze Up, and Temptations Puree. Regardless of what kind of treat you pick, just be sure to keep them in small portions. Treats should never replace food.


Cats are very playful creatures by nature. Even some of the grumpiest cats have a playful side. Another great way to spoil and/or respect your cat is to give them a new toy. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant. Even something as simple as a plush toy mouse or a plastic rolling ball will keep them happy and entertained. We suggest investing in a cat toy that you also interact with such as a cat wand. This way you and your cat can have some quality bonding time as well. Click here to check out a full list of the best cat toys of 2023 by The Spruce

Quality Time

There is nothing more valuable than our time. Time is a precious resource to us, but house cats have nothing but free time. Although our cats don’t comprehend time the same way we do, they still appreciate the time we spend with them. In honor of Respect Your Cat Day, we suggest spending some extra quality time with your feline friend. Try curling up on the couch with them or playing with them and their toys. No matter how you spend time with your cat, they will surely appreciate it.

Nap Time

Cats absolutely love to sleep! According to Oakland Veterinary Services, the average cat spends about 16 to 20 hours a day sleeping. That’s more than double how long people usually sleep! Cats also usually enjoy cuddling up with their owners. Whether you have a lap cat, chest cat, or between the legs cat, we suggest taking a nap alongside your furry friend. They will appreciate your company and your warmth.

Verbal Praise

Sadly cats don’t speak English yet. But, they do understand the tones and emotional undertones of our language. Another great way to respect your cat is to verbally tell them how much you love them. Although your cat probably won’t talk back, it is the thought that counts. There is nothing wrong with talking to your pets and reminding them how good they are. Here at Cowtown Cat Cuddlers, we talk to our pets all the time!

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We hope you enjoyed this article and that it inspires you to both respect, spoil, and appreciate your feline friend. Cats are more than just pets, they are family. We hope you and your furry family have a wonderful Respect Your Cat Day! For more pet holiday and cat related articles like this, check out the blog section of our official Cowtown Cat Cuddlers website.

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