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November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Benefits of Adopting a Senior Cat

These days, cats are just as popular a choice for pets as dogs are. Cats are low maintenance, stay to themselves and make the perfect pets for people who want pets that aren’t too clingy (like dogs!). As much as pet parents have warmed up to cats, there is a rising trend of people bringing home senior cats - for all the right reasons.

Senior cats make fantastic pets. They easily warm up to their new homes and, just like kittens, love to snuggle up in a corner (or, if you’re lucky, on you!). Unfortunately, there are shelters filled with senior cats across the country, and for some reason, these beautiful cats have been abandoned by their former families. A bunch of these senior cats is always on the list to be euthanized, as shelters are now overcrowded with no room.

So, if you’ve decided to bring home a cute ball of fluff, you can always consider adopting a senior cat - and we’re about to give you reasons why you should do it right away! So, let’s have a look:

You Know the Cat You’re Bringing Home

When you adopt a senior cat, you’re aware of everything you need to know about it. And this isn’t a privilege you get when you bring a kitten home! With senior cats, you may know more about their breed, size, age, medical history, food preferences, temperament, and overall routine. With all the essential information in hand, you’d know whether the cat is a perfect fit for your family, kids, and even other pets if you already have them.

You Get a pet at a Lower Cost

Bringing home a little kitten will cost you a lot - from toys and pet supplies to food from different brands (not knowing which one your kitten may like!) and much more. But with a senior cat, you know their exact requirements - food, medications, and of course, they don’t need as many toys as you'd get for a kitten! Senior cats just need love, affection, and care - the material things wouldn’t bother them because they don’t need distractions. Also, you wouldn’t be purchasing a cat, so you’d be saving up on that too!

They Need Less Supervision

We all know how much care and attention little kittens require. They are full of energy and a lot more mischievous than older cats. With senior cats, you don't have to worry - they’re calmer, less mischievous, and wouldn’t get into trouble as much as kittens! Older cats are mature and stable and wouldn’t need distractions to keep them occupied - they know how to keep themselves busy when you’re away at work.

They Need a Home Too

Shelters and rescues are full of senior cats - these cats need loving homes and caring families too! Rescue and senior cats are safe and cared for in shelters. But as they age, they too, deserve homes where they get loads of love, attention, and cuddles. When you adopt a rescued or abandoned cat from a shelter, you bring home a spayed or neutered cat - which will save you a lot of expenses. Also, the adoption fees you pay for your furball home can help all the other abandoned cats that need to be rescued.

Summing Up

If you’re looking for senior cats in Fort Worth, check out the animal shelters near your home and look for your perfect furry friend. But, before you bring your cat home, make sure you take note of your cat's requirements and pick the essentials so that your senior cat is super comfy in its new home with its loving family.

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