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National Cat Lover's Month

Do you know which month is the national cat lover’s month? If no, don’t worry: we’re here to tell you everything about the national cat lover’s month. December is the National Cat Lovers Month. You might already have a kitten or cat, or you might want to expand your family by bringing a kitten cat. Here, we’ll tell you how to celebrate National Cat Lovers Month (U.S.).

Best Ways to Celebrate National Cat Lovers Month

You need to follow all the tips or ways given below throughout the year, but if you can’t follow these ways the whole year, at least do them in December.

· Spend Time with Your Cat

Ensure that you’re treating your cat as a family. Talk to your cat and allow him to lie down with you. When you’re busy, still try to find time to spend with him. Celebrate your happiness and days with your cat.

· Buy Cat Toys

You need to show your love in each possible manner. During this month, do everything to make your cat kitten happy. A cat can easily get bored, so buy some fun toys. If you already have some old toys, put them in a closet and gift your cat with new toys.

· Cat Bed or Furniture

Suppose you want to do something different, buy a unique cat bed for your cat if you don’t already have it. Provide your cat with a large tree or tent to hide. You can buy a scratching post to keep your cat engaged in playing.

· Train Your Cat

Like other pets, cats love to learn something new. Teach your kitten different tricks, for example, giving a high five, sitting on command, and fetching items. Whenever a cat learns a new trick, it will make him pleased. Play games with your cat for mental stimulation and exercise.

· Schedule a Vet Visit

You need to do this at least three to four times a year but do this at least once in National Cat Lovers Month. Take your cat for a regular wellness exam. Cats love to visit a vet.

· Make Some Memories

While celebrating this month, don’t forget to capture memories. Take photos to make this month memorable. Create a collection of these special memories.

· Adopt a Cat

All the points mentioned above were for those who already have a cat. The best way to celebrate this month is to adopt at least one cat. You can get your cat from rescue or shelters. In this way, you’ll give him a beautiful family. It is probably the best way to celebrate this month.

· Spread Awareness on Social Media

Play your part and let people know about National Cat Lovers Month. Encourage your friends and family members to adopt a cat. Let people know the benefits of having this little creature at home. Contribute voluntarily to fundraising for shelters. If you can’t adopt a cat, at least buy some clothes and toys for cats and gift them and make their month memorable.

That is how you can celebrate National Cat Lovers Month(U.S.).

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