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May is Pet Cancer Prevention Month

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pets. Therefore May is celebrated as Pet Cancer Prevention Month. Only in the United States, every one in five cats is diagnosed with cancer. You can show your love for your pet in many ways. Spreading awareness this month is the best reward for your kitten and other cat owners. So, read this article till the end to find how to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer in cats.

Preventing Cancer in Cats, Signs of Cancer in Cats, Treatment for Cancer in Cats

Although cancer isn’t so common in cats yet as it is in dogs, still it’s growing in number. It’s easy to detect cancer in dogs but not in cats. When it’s diagnosed lately, it becomes difficult and expensive to treat. Follow this guide for preventing and treating cancer in cats.

Signs of Cancer in Cats

Cats hide diseases well, so it’s tricky to find diseases in cats. Some common symptoms of cancer in cats are:

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Difficulty in breathing

· Lumps and bumps

· Lack of appetite

· Weight loss

· Rough coat

· Lethargic

Preventing Cancer in Cats

Remember, there is no sure way to avoid cancer, but the below-given ways can help you reduce cancer in cats:

· Vaccination

Vaccinate your cat against the leukemia virus. It’s the best and most effective prevention technique.

· Annual Examinations

There are plenty of health issues that can lead to cancer. So, ensure that you take your pet for an annual examination to ensure that your feline friend is in good condition. Annual exams can help you treat problems before they turn into severe medical issues.

· Neuter or Spay Your Cat

Testicular cancer is another common cancer type in cats. So, ensure that your cats are neutered and spayed to prevent this type of cancer.

· Healthy Diet

A well-balanced and nutritious diet can keep your kittens healthy and protect them from different diseases. Consult your vet about the right products for your cat.

· Close Monitoring

Sometimes symptoms don’t show up immediately, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your feline friend to see if there is anything abnormal. Look for weight loss, loss of appetite, and lumps and bumps.

Treatments for Cats with Cancer

Cancer in cats can be treated in many ways. The first one is chemotherapy. It is done to manage lymphomas. You can also this to treat aggressive tumors. Finally, radiation therapy is the solution where it’s not possible to remove tumors. Identify cancer at an early stage to avoid deaths. Moreover, it’s economical to treat cancer when it’s at an early stage.

How to Celebrate Pet Cancer Prevention Month?

You can celebrate this month in the following ways:

· Educate pet owners about protecting their feline friends

· Spread the word on social media platforms with #cancerpreventionmonth

· Spay, neuter, and get your kittens vaccinated

· Take your pet for a detailed check-up

· Keep your eyes open to see abnormal signs

· Improve diet to maintain good health

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