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Keeping Your Kitty Safe At Christmas!

For cat owners, Christmas can be a stressful and challenging time. Everybody, including kittens, wants to enjoy Christmas, but unfortunately, twinkling lights and festive foods can be hazardous for your kitty. You can take precautionary measures to keep your kitty safe. In this article, we’ll discuss how to keep your kitty safe at Christmas? So, follow these tips to ensure that you and your four-legged friend enjoy these holidays.

Things to Pay Attention during Christmas

To keep your kitty safe and happy at Christmas, you need to remember the things given-below:

· Christmas trees can be dangerous for your cats, especially if your kitty loves climbing.

· Decorations and twinkling lights can be hazardous, especially when they’re swallowed.

· Festive plants like berries and poinsettia are poisonous to cats, so keep them out of their reach.

· Cats feel stressed when they meet strange people, so ensure that you dedicate a room for them.

· Festive foods like chocolate, onions, and garlic can be poisonous to cats.

Tips for Keeping Your Kitty Safe at Christmas

These simple tips can help you make this Christmas safe for your cats.

1. Ensure that the Christmas tree is cat safe

Ensure that the tree has a sturdy base. You can use weights to stop the Christmas tree from toppling over. Moreover, make sure that all the hanging decorations are at the top of the tree. When you’re not around, keep your Christmas lights off.

Keep an eye on tinsel; if your cat eats it, it can be deadly dangerous. Keep the cat presents out of their reach. If your kitty loves to climb and play, ensure that you supervise them.

2. Christmas plants are poisonous for cats

During Christmastime, there are plenty of poisonous plants. Some examples of such plants are poinsettias and lilies. These plants can be toxic to cats. They can cause illness, and in worst cases, they can cause death. Keep these plants out of your kitty reach and if your cat has eaten any poisonous plant, contact a vet immediately.

3. Avoid poisonous food

Cat owners love to serve their cats with delicious treats, but it’s not a wise practice. You can keep your kitty safe at Christmas by keeping him away from human food. Keep your cats away from kitchen counters. Onion, garlic, grapes, and raisins are toxic to cats. Cats love to eat chocolates, but it can be poisonous to cats. So, never serve your cat with these foods.

4. Avoid stress for cats

For a nervous kitty, Christmas can be a stressful time. You can follow some tips to make these holidays smooth for your cats. Dedicate a room for your cat. Create a quiet and safe place. Provide your cat with all the essential things. There will be lots of cooking going on, so ensure that you keep your cat away from the kitchen.


As Christmas is around the corner, many pet owners want to know how to keep your kitty safe at Christmas? So, this guide will help you keep your kitty safe and happy during Christmastime. We have covered almost everything that can help keep your kitty safe at Christmas. Good luck!

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