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Keeping Your Kitties Safe At Christmas!

Tips for keeping your cat safe at Christmas: Latest Guide

Christmas brings happiness and joy to every house, but sometimes it turns into bad news for your pets, especially cats. This happens because of the lack of information on keeping your cat safe at Christmas. Thus, leading to unforeseen hazardous events.

However, your cat doesn’t have to face anything awful like this, and so you must follow this guide on cat safety at Christmas. So, without further due, let’s have a look at four major tips to keep your cat safe during this holiday season and prevent any unforeseen event from taking place.

4 tips for keeping your cat safe at Christmas.

1. Prevent your cat from climbing Christmas trees:

First of all, let’s talk about the hazards of your cat climbing the Christmas trees. Cats are naturally curious animals, and most of them love to climb trees, so the sparkly Christmas tree in your house will intrigue them to climb. However, do not let that happen and distract your cat from the tree into other activities as it can result in any hazardous accidents.

If you can compromise on the decorations and get a less heavy and hazardous artificial tree; then, that would be great! Moreover, if you still wish to have a real tree; then, pick one from the non-drop variety.

2. Keep your cats away from snow globes:

Cat owners must beware of snow globes as these festive ornaments tend to have toxic substances such as ethylene glycol, which can prove to be lethal for your pet cats. Therefore, make sure you keep away your cats from snow globes so they don’t come in contact with toxins inside these festive ornaments.

3. Cover exposed wires:

If you use lights on your Christmas tree then, check out for any exposed wires that can turn out to be hazardous for your cat and tape them. Securing these exposed wires will prevent your cat from coming in contact with electrical shocks if entangled in its feet.

4. Safeguard your cat from Christmas plants:

During this festivity, we decorate our homes with several plants and other floral decorations that can prove to be harmful to your cat. In particular, the following plants cause problems:

· Poinsettia:

This is a mildly toxic plant used in Christmas decorations generally. If your feline fellow ingests; then, it can result in mild stomach irritation to your pet.

· Berries:

Christmas berries like holly or mistletoe are extremely dangerous for cats, so you must keep a check on cats at all times near such berries. The ingestion of these berries can lead to hazardous consequences.

· Dieffenbachia:

Dieffenbachia, more commonly known as a dumb cane or leopard lily, is also a harmful plant for cats. It can cause extreme irritation and can turn out to be toxic.


To help you save your cat from hazards this Christmas, you should consider the above-mentioned tips and advice for keeping your cat safe at Christmas. These tips include safety advice from various hazardous things like open wires, toxic plants, and Christmas trees. Hopefully, the information will be beneficial for you to keep your feline fellow away from any injury or unwanted event.

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