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Keeping your cat safe on July 4th

July 4th is a time for fun, celebrations, and fireworks. It can be a fun holiday for you but your feline member probably might feel less enthusiastic. Wondering how to keep your cat safe on this independence day?

Here are five useful tips to keep your feline family member safe and calm on July 4th:

1. Keep your cat indoors-Indoors is always the safest place for cats on July 4th. Fireworks are frightening for all cats, even those who are used to the great outdoors. Turn on the TV to a calming movie to drown out the loud noise of the fireworks.

2. Provide a safe hiding place for your cat-Cats dislike sudden loud noises. Fireworks are loved by us but cats are frightened of them. The loud noise of the fireworks might scare them and make them uneasy. Try to confine your cat in a safe room. Make sure your cat has a quiet place with a warm comfy bed to retreat during the festivities.

3. Keep all the doors and windows closed- Make sure that all doors and windows are closed. Don't even leave the smallest opening for your cat as it can be an escape route for her. While opening doors, you should be careful about where your cat is. Remember that screens are not enough to keep your feline member indoors.

4. Tempting treats that should be avoided-Some festive foods are not safe for your cats. Beer, wine, and desserts including cakes, cookies, chocolate, pies should be out of your cat's reach. While feasting on the barbeque, ensure that all sharp bones are disposed of safely. Seasonings and sauces on barbecued food can upset your cat's stomach.

5. Update your cat's microchip- One of the most important tasks is to update your cat's microchip. You need to update your microchip information with your current contact info and address. In case your cat gets lost, this information will help you to reunite with your feline family member.

6. Try to calm your cat- If you have a very anxious cat, it's better to speak to your vet before the holiday. He may suggest some medications to lower anxiety. There are various natural over-the- counter remedies that are safe and effective. You can also try CBD oil to calm down your kitty.

Pro tip: If your cat gets lost during the fireworks, call your nearest animal control, and inform them of your missing cat. Provide your cat's description, photos, and the time your cat went missing to the animal control or shelter. Also, check with your neighbors and let them know that your cat is missing.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it! As a feline parent, you are responsible for taking good care of your kitty on July 4th. Not all cats are the same. So, what goes best for one cat may not work for the other.

Do you have any tips to add to our list? Let us know in the comments. We would be happy to hear from you!

Have a great day!

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