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June is Pet Preparedness Month

There are many forms of disasters so you have to be prepared for them all in advance. Being a cat owner, you need to prepare your cat for an emergency. Since June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so we’ll share some useful tips to keep your cats secure during emergencies. So, if you want to know how to prepare your cat for an emergency, keep reading this article.

Tips for Preparing Cat for an Emergency

All the below-given tips can help you make your kitten safe during disasters.

· Microchip Your Pet

When you add a microchip to your pet’s collar, it will ensure that you get your pets even when they’re lost. Add your contact number and address on the tag. So, if your kitten is lost during the emergency, you’ll get your pet back.

· Make a Plan

When you decide to leave a location, ensure that you take your cat with you. When you leave your pet alone, it can cause damage to your pet. More importantly, when you have a plan in place, you can evacuate your pets and save their lives. You can look for pet-friendly hotels or shelters where you can keep your kitten for a few days.

· Create an Emergency Kit

It’s the most essential step. When you decide to leave a location, prepare a bag for your kitten. Add food and water, potty supplies, plastic bag, medicines, and medical records in the bag. Moreover, keep all the first-aid items in the box. It will ensure that you don’t run out of food and other supplies.

· Carrier Train Your Pet

When you want to move and carry your pet with you, you need to purchase a pet carrier. Ensure that it’s large enough to allow your pet to move freely. Moreover, pet carriers can help you keep your pets secure during disasters. It will take time to carrier train your pet, so start early and show some patience.

· Share Your Plan With Others

If you want to leave your pets at home, then share your plan with pet sitters and pet walkers. It will ensure that your cat is safe even when you’re away from home.

· Spread the Word

As mentioned at the start, June is National Pet Preparedness Month, so create a proper plan to save your pet during disasters. Moreover, follow your plan throughout the year. You need to take care of your kittens like you take care of your family. More importantly, share posts on social media platforms. Let other pet owners know about the importance of this month. The more you educate, the more people will prepare their kittens for an emergency.

Final Words

Nobody wants to lose their pets during disasters. Therefore we have compiled a guide for cat owners so that they can keep their cats safe during emergencies. When you follow all these tips, you can keep your kittens safe. So, celebrate this month by preparing your kitten for an emergency.

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