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How to Tell When Your Cat Is Not Feeling Well.

Cats can easily hide their discomfort, especially when they’re sick. As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to find out signs of discomfort. It’s not easy to identify illness, especially during the early stages. You have to keep a close eye on your cats to see if your cats are quiet or there is a decrease in their energy levels.

9 Signs That Will Let You Know That Your Cat Is Sick

If your cats show the below-given signs, it means they’re sick or in discomfort.

1. Diarrhea

It’s an indicator of intestinal parasites, dietary indiscretion, and many other problems. When it’s left unnoticed, it leads to dehydration. It makes your cat uncomfortable. So get a vet’s appointment and get it fixed.

2. Vomiting

Some cat owners feel that it’s normal if cats vomit after a few days, but they’re wrong. Yes, you can ignore occasional vomiting, but frequent vomiting is an indication that your cat needs a vet visit.

3. Loss and increase of appetite

If your cat stops eating entirely, it’s a worrying sign. Moreover, if your cat is eating less, take the vet’s help. If your cat follows the same eating pattern for a few days, it can cause serious problems like hepatic lipidosis and fatty liver.

On the other hand, you can’t ignore the increase in appetite, especially in older cats. Increased appetite can cause overeating, obesity, and weight gain.

4. Weight gain or loss

It’s another sign that shows your cat isn’t feeling well. Weight gain can be harmful in the long run. If you witness any of these signs, it’s time to get the vet’s help.

5. Lethargy

When your cat sleeps more than usual, it will have a low energy level. Moreover, if your cat prefers lying around, it’s an indicator something is wrong with them.

6. Changes in breathing and urination

Changes in urination are indications of kidney problems or urinary tract issues. If there is blood in urination or a change in urination frequency, it’s time to schedule a vet’s appointment.

Moreover, rapid breathing, wheezing, and shortness of breath shouldn’t be ignored. Changes in breathing are a sign that your cat is sick.

7. Skin irritation

Some allergic reactions can also be a sign of discomfort. Skin irritation can be painful. Don’t let these symptoms get worst.

8. Limping and jumping

If your cat shows these behaviors, it’s an indication that your cat is suffering from arthritis. Check for the injury conditions and get them addressed as soon as possible.

9. Bad breath

It shows that something is wrong with your cat’s oral health. You can ignore it for some time, but when you do this often, it leads to many dental issues. Keep an eye on excessive drooling and bad breath. An oral infection can expose your cat’s whole body to bacteria and can lead to worse conditions.

Final Words

Cats are loving friends, and you can’t ignore the signs of discomfort. If your cat shows any of the above-mentioned signs, it indicates that your cat isn’t feeling well or your cat is sick. So, try to address these issues as soon as possible to avoid serious health issues.

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