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How to Introduce Your New Cat to Your Dog

The dog-cat rivalry has always been a talking point. If you already have a dog and are considering bringing home a lovely cat, we’re sure you’re worried about how both the animals would react in each other's presence. Getting home a new cat would change the dynamics of your home - your dog, who was earlier the only spoiled child, now must adjust to the presence of this new member. Your dog also must learn to share his toys, home, and people with other animals. And it may not be easy on your dog. But hey, it’s not impossible either!

Things to Consider Before Bringing Home a Cat

So, let’s have a look at how you can introduce your new cat to your dog: Some dog breeds get along very well with cats. For example, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Beagles are known to be gentle when it comes to little kittens. So, if you have any of these dog breeds, you can go ahead safely with bringing home a cat. But, of course, the age of the cat you’ll be bringing home is a crucial factor to be considered. Remember, the younger the cat, the more playful it will be!

How To Introduce Your Animals to Each Other?

Take One Step at a Time

Suddenly introducing a dog to your cat may lead to unwanted situations. For example, your dog may get aggressive, or your cat may get scared. Until your cat has fully settled in your home, it’s best to keep your dog away from it completely.

Allow Your Cat to Explore Around the House

Even when you let your cat roam freely in your home, ensure your dog (or other animals) is in another room. You need to be patient with your cat while it explores your home. The exploration will help the cat get used to new smells, including those of your dogs.

Introduce Your Dog and Cat with a Barrier

When you first introduce your dog and cat to each other, ensure there’s a separation between them. This would help them get acquainted with each other and their smells from a distance. You can also get them to sniff each other's toys and bedding simultaneously. Keep your dog on a leash or behind a baby gate while giving your cat ample space to move around. This will ensure your cat has room to withdraw if it's still not comfortable with your dog’s presence. Patience is key, so don’t try to rush up the introduction - take it easy! Get them closer slowly and steadily.

Remove the Barriers

You can remove the barriers when you start noticing that your dog and cat are getting comfortable with each other’s presence. Begin with keeping your dog on a leash and your cat on a harness. Your pets can now see each other from a distance (without a barrier), without close interaction. Once they are comfortable, you can let them roam around freely!

Summing Up

Introducing dogs and cats in Fort Worth can be a breeze if you follow the tips we’ve mentioned. Of course, you have to be patient throughout the process, but if things aren’t working out the way you want them to, you can always seek professional help.

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