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How Cats Can Help You with Stress and Anxiety

Cats are affectionate, but unfortunately, they have a bad reputation for being headstrong and aloof. All the cats are different, and they have unique personalities. In the past, cats have been proven to be beneficial for mental health.

Indeed cats are great companions, but they help improve mental health. So, if you don’t have kittens, you’re missing the cat’s appeal. Cats are loving creatures, and people enjoy their meows, whiskers, and head nudges. Cats purring and cuddles can help improve your mood. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how cats can help you with stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Cats for Mental Health

Along with physical benefits, cats can also provide some mental health benefits. Some major mental health problems that cats can fix are:

1. Relieve Stress

When you adopt a cat, you bring a stress reliever to your home. Cats can help relieve stress in many ways. When you have had a hard day at the office or face some family issues, you can spend time with cats. These fuzzy feline friends can help your body produce stress-reducing hormones.

During the whole process, blood pressure and heart rate decrease that normalizes your anxiety levels. It has been observed that cat companionship helps students relieve stress during exams. Nursing homes and hospitals are places full of stress and anxiety. So, it’s always beneficial to have cats in such places. Whenever you have some free time, sit with kittens, and after petting them, you’ll feel the long-lasting effects.

2. Cats are great therapy animals

They’re beneficial in so many settings. In hospitals, nursing homes, and addiction homes, pets are used as therapy animals. Cats are beneficial for our mental health because of their ability to calm humans. Remember, kittens are not the alternative to medication or therapy, but nobody can deny their positive mental health effects.

3. They have the amazing healing power of the purr

Cats can purr within a frequency range of 20-140 Hz. Therefore they help cure illnesses in humans. They’re not only helpful for relieving stress, but they also lower blood pressure, help labored breathing, help heal infections, and even helpful for healing bones.

It’s hard for some people to accept the mental health benefits that cats provide. Therefore, they feel that the cat’s purr can’t help heal bones. Nobody denies the importance of cats for mental health. Just pet a sleeping cat and listen to purr; it will definitely help relieve stress and anxiety.

Final Words

Our topic of discussion was how cats could help you with stress and anxiety? Do you have had the answer or not? We have tried to cover the major benefits that cats provide for mental health. If you still feel cats don’t offer such benefits, try this. Spend time with your cat whenever you have a stressful time. You will feel the difference. Next time, whenever your cat rubs her body against you, pat her. Say thank you to your kitten for improving your mental health.

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