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How Cats Can Help Boost Our Mental Health

Cats are independent beings - and that’s just what makes them perfect pets for those who have busy lives. Cats are typically known to have a stark opposite personality as compared to dogs - but that’s not the case always! In fact, just like dogs, cats too, are known to help us humans deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

It’s amusing to know that cats, which are known to be super independent, can help boost our mental health. So, if you’re wondering how to, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know. This Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re being very vocal about how pets can help us battle our blues - so let’s talk about cats too!

The Healing Purrs

Cats purring are cute, no doubt, but they also come with healing properties. The cats’ purrs typically range between 20-140 Hz and are known to be therapeutic for different illnesses in humans. The cat purrs can not only lower stress but also lower blood pressure and calm the mind. Cat purrs can also help you sleep well -cat owners vouch for how cat purrs help them sleep better every single day!

Loving and Affectionate

Despite having a reputation for being aloof and headstrong, cats are just as loving and affectionate towards their owners. Their ways of expression differ compared to dogs, and most people mistake them to be headstrong, with no reciprocation at all. Just like dogs, cats too come with their own personalities - some may love to cuddle, others would be just fine watching you from a distance! Despite this, the company of cats can prove to be a stress buster for you, helping you deal with symptoms of depression as well.

Positive Impact on Overall Well-Being

Simply stroking a cat lovingly can help you feel better instantly! No matter how stressed out you are, spending time with a cat is just blissful. Cats can also help those who are constantly battling feelings of loneliness, giving us the much-required company, we need. Interactions with cats (or for that matter, any pets) can be an absolutely rewarding, enriching experience.

Summing Up

There are so many cats in Fort Worth area, and just spending time with them can make you feel good. You can consider bringing home one, or you could also spend some time with cats in your friends’

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