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February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

February is the spay/neuter awareness month. I know from my experience in being a cat sitter in Fort Worth and my cat rescue work, I know how important spaying and neutering is. Both offer many health benefits to your feline friends and save millions of lives a year. If you’re interested in knowing the benefits of spaying your cat, read this article till the end.

What Is the Process of Spaying/Neutering?

The process in which the vet renders the sterile of a cat is called spaying. The method of sterilizing male cats is called neutering. When the same process is repeated for female cats, it is called spaying. Only in the United States, millions of cats are homeless, so by neutering a cat, you can reduce the overpopulation of cats. More importantly, it’s good for both of you.

Benefits of Neutering/Spaying Your Cat

There is plenty of health and social benefits for spaying a cat. Let’s discuss them in detail.

· Reduces fights

When you leave your male cats unneutered, they seek mates. Moreover, they try to defend their territory against intruders. If there is a female cat in the house, it can result in a fight. Neutering your female cats reduces aggressive behavior.

· Prevents diseases

If you want to eliminate the risk of ovarian and cervical cancer, the best option is to spay your cat before the first heat cycle. Moreover, spaying reduces the chances of mammary cancer. When cats mate, it results in other medical issues like AIDS as well. This disease can transfer to other cats on biting.

· Cost-effective

If you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, ensure that you get your cat neutered. This cost will be far less than the price you spend on litters and other medical issues treatment. Moreover, curing your cat of cancer can easily take thousands of dollars. So, it would be wise to neuter/spay your cat to avoid these medical problems.

· Avoid cats roaming

During heat, a female cat’s hormones urge her to find a mate. If you don’t have other cats at home, your kitty will try to escape from home to find one for her. Male cats also have the same instincts, and they too do the same. When they get outdoor, both of them are at the risk of being lost and get injured. Neutering reduces their wanderlust, and they feel happy on the couch.

· Cleaner home

Cats almost spray throughout the home to mark it their territory. It gives a signal to other male cats that someone is waiting for the mate. Neutering/spaying can significantly reduce the urge to spray. If they still do, the smell will not be pungent.

When to Neuter/Spay Your Cats?

The best way is to consult your cat’s vet about this surgery. Vets can recommend the optimal age at which you need to neuter your cat. Most vets recommend cat neutering when the cat is reaching the age of sexual maturity.

Final Words

Neuter/spay your cat to help your feline friend and community. Moreover, spread the word to reduce the number of homeless cats. More importantly, it improves the overall health of your cat.

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