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February is Pet Poison Prevention Month

Things That Are Toxic or Poisonous to Cats

Cats are curious, and they love to stick their noses at random places. When they explore different things and places, it exposes them to some dangers. There can be plenty of things that are toxic or poisonous to cats. You have to take care of them or keep them away from your cat’s reach to avoid any accident.

Top 5 Hazardous Things for Cats

Along with human foods, some other things can also be deadly dangerous for your cats, so let’s find out all the hazardous things for cats.

1. Human Medicines

Some human medicines are dangerous for pets, so keep them at places they can’t reach. Medicines that are dangerous for cats are:

· Antidepressants

· Diet pills

· Pain relievers

· Cancer medicines

· Vitamins and supplements

However, some medicines are common for both pets and humans, but avoid giving them to your cat before the permission of the vet. A wrong medicine can easily kill your cat.

2. Human Foods

When we’re at the dining table, we make a mistake by feeding our kitten with some leftover meal. Remember, all human foods are not good for kittens. Some examples of poisonous foods for kittens are:

· Caffeine

· Chocolate

· Garlic and onions

· Red grapes and raisins

· Chives

· Alcohol

Never feed your cat with any of these foods and keep them out of their reach to avoid any accident.

3. Plants

Some indoor and outdoor plants that we bring home can be deadly dangerous for cats. Some examples of such plants are lily, marijuana, tulip, aloe, azalea, and sago palm. All these plants are dangerous for cat’s health.

4. Chemicals and Insecticides

Cats have naked of tasting new things, and they like the smell of chemicals, but these chemicals are never good for their health so keep them locked and away from their reach. Some examples of poisonous chemicals and insecticides are:

· Bleach

· Detergents

· Fertilizers

· Antifreeze

· De-icing salts

· Insect and rodent powders

All these substances can put your cat in danger.

5. Household Hazards

Be careful of the household items that can be poisonous to cats. Some elements can block the intestine when they’re swallowed.

· Chicken bones

· Small toys

· Dental floss

All these items put your cat in danger.

If you feel your cat has eaten something toxic:

1. Immediately contact The Pet Poison Hotline at 1 800-213-6680 or or call your vet. Follow their instructions.

2. Take samples of stool, vomit, and the food your kitten ate.

3. Ensure that your kitten is breathing and acting normally.

4. For the future, place such substances away from their reach.

5. Whenever you notice any signs of discomfort, take your cat to the vet for immediate treatment.

Final Words

Kittens are active and curious, and they love to explore new foods and places. During this, they came across few poisonous substances as well. The best way is to keep everything away from their reach. Moreover, follow the above tips if your cat ate any poisonous thing.

Being an animal lover, rescue advocate, and cat sitter in Fort Worth, I have learned a lot about prevention and treatment. As an owner of a cat sitting company, I am always willing to help and guide cat owners about poison protection in cats.

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