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February is National Cat Health Month

February is the month for cat health; therefore, it’s called National Cat Health Month. Cat owners must spend this month understanding the signs of illness and unhealthy behavior. Moreover, they should focus more on the emotional and physical well-being of their cats. This month reminds us to love more our four-legged friends. Moreover, we should do everything to show our love for our kittens except posting memes on social media.

History of National Cat Health Month

Our love for our kittens is not new because the Ancient Egyptians were digging the cats a long way before. Now people show their love for their cats by taking a picture and uploading it on Instagram. In the past, pets were kept for religious and social practices. Moreover, they were praised for killing venomous snakes.

Additionally, the cats were honored and mummified when they were buried. Cats were brought to Europe by Greek Traders around 3000 years ago. By that time, they were valued for pest control. When Romans arrived in Britain, they brought cats with them. When Vikings invaded and left Britain, they took those cats with them. It results in the spread of cats globally.

Unfortunately, they were not valued all time. During the middle ages, black cats were associated with witchcraft. Moreover, their reputation suffered badly around the time of the Black Death. Cats regained their reputation around 1600 when they were welcome abroad to keep the rats away.

Cats are still flourishing in America. Around 1993, they outnumbered dogs as house pets in the nation. They have a long journey, so we must celebrate National Cat Health Month for checking their overall health. After all, they are our best friends.

Some Historical Facts about Cats

· Cats were domesticated around 7500 BC for the first time.

· In 1993, they outnumbered dogs and became the famous house pets in the United States for the first time.

· Cats have made their way to Europe by the 1300s and became popular house pets. However, the rulers at that time damaged their reputation badly when the Black Death ordered their killing. So that was the black period for them, but they became popular again around 1600.

FAQs about National Cat Health Month

When is this month celebrated?

The National Cat Health Month is celebrated throughout February.

Are there dedicated National Pet Days?

Yes, there are dedicated National Pet Days. National Dog Day is on August 26 and National Pet Day falls on April 11.

Where Is the Month of National Cat Health Observed?

This month is observed in the United States.

What to Do in National Cat Health Month?

You need to perform these activities during this month:

1. Take your kitten for a checkup

2. Spread awareness on the social media

3. Buy toys for your cat

4. Try to do everything to keep your kitten happy

Some Interesting Facts to Know about Cats

1. Greens are toxic to cats

2. Cats can become lactose intolerant, and chances of diarrhea and obesity become high

3. Cats can become depressed, so keep an eye on abnormal behavior and ensure that they’re happy

4. Kittens have a natural survival instinct, and they hide when they get injured

5. Avoid declawing your cat because it’d dangerous for their health and safety.

So, celebrate National Cat Health Month by performing these activities and try to keep your cat happy and healthy throughout the year.

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