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Cat sleeping Again?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Indeed, cats love to sleep, but the question is, why do cats sleep so much? Here we will try to answer this question. Getting the rest is the top priority of cats. How much a cat should sleep depends on the cat’s family. Wild cats need more rest and sleep because they have to conserve their energy to hunt and chase their next meal. Moreover, cats show weird behaviors, such as hanging in boxes, hiding in small places, and kneading. All these activities keep them motivated.

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

There is no specific answer to this question. Cats have different sleep patterns at different ages. When we talk about the average time a cat sleeps, it’s 12 to 16 hours per day. Younger and older cats sleep more as compared to adult cats. If your cat sleeps more, it doesn’t mean he is lazy because active cats need more sleep.

What Are the Normal Sleep Hours for A Cat?

Sleep patterns of a cat change with age, so let’s have a look at the sleep patterns of a cat.

Kittens are likely to sleep the whole day. They wake up to eat a meal and sleep again.

Adolescent cats don’t have fixed sleeping patterns because they love to have periods of playfulness, along with sleeping.

Adult cats have set sleeping schedules, and they sleep 12-20 hours a day.

Senior cats have less energy than young and adult cats, so they sleep more than other cats.

When you adopt a kitten and bring him home, don’t worry about the sleeping pattern because it will be changed when your cat reaches adulthood.

10 Reasons Why Cats Sleep More Than Usual

If your cat is sleeping more than usual, there can be several reasons such as:

1. Boredom

2. Age

3. Catnip

4. Obesity

5. Depression

6. Weather

7. Diabetes

8. Bacterial infection

9. Poisoning

10. Arthritis

All these factors can contribute to more sleeping of a cat.

When Should I Start Worrying about Too Much Sleep?

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific amount of sleep to indicate a health emergency. Closely examine your cat's sleep patterns, and if your cat starts to sleep more than usual, then it’s time to visit a vet. If your cat is sleeping more than usual, it may be because of pain or illness. Remember, if your cat is sleeping less than expected, it may be because of hyperthyroidism.

How to Prevent Your Cat from Sleeping Too Much?

It’s natural if your cat sleeps so much, but if you want him to sleep less, do the following things.

· Provide some interactive toys to your cat

· Spend more time your cat

· Play with your cat as you play with kids

· Keep your cat engaged in different activities

· Assign different tasks to keep him motivated.

In this way, you can reduce the sleep of a cat. Remember, the more a cat sleeps, the more active he will be. Don’t worry about why cats sleep so much, and if you are witnessing the unusual sleep pattern, then it’s time to visit a vet.

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