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Best Remedies for Those Stinky Litter Box Situations

Best Remedies for Those Stinky Litter Box Situations

As a cat parent, you would know how annoying litter box odor can be. Your kitty can be the most adorable and loving living being in the entire world, but it doesn’t make handling those stinky litter box situations any easier. Most cat owners struggle with keeping the litter box odor at bay. However, it isn’t easy because there are very few remedies that actually work for these stinky litter box situations. But don’t worry because we have you covered! In this blog post, we will share some simple but super-effective tips and tricks that will help you deal with your cat’s smelly litter box issue before it becomes too terrible. Read on!

1. Daily Scooping can be Incredibly Beneficial

Many people avoid scooping out their cat’s litter box every day as they think of it as a hassle. While daily scooping can be a bit time-consuming, it is also extremely necessary. Generally, litter boxes stink because of all the feces and urine inside them. Thus, when you scoop out your cat’s litter box daily (preferably twice, if possible), you not only remove the odor but also make your cat happy and more comfortable.

2. Use Litter Box Liners

Using a litter box liner is an excellent way to control the odor. Litter box liners basically work as trash bags. You can use them to line the insides of the litter box and spread the litter on top of it. Then you can simply scoop the liner and throw it away along with the smelly waste. Simple and quick!

3. Use Baking Soda for Best Results

Sometimes, even after scooping out your cat’s litter box every day and using the best quality litter liners, getting rid of the odor can be hard. This is where baking soda comes in. All you need to do is sprinkle some baking soda on the litter box and then add a layer of litter over it. It will neutralize the odor until you can scoop the litter out. However, remember that baking soda is just an odor neutralizer, and it cannot replace proper litter box cleaning. You can use it as a temporary solution, but make sure to scoop out the box daily. 4. Ventilation is Important

Make sure you don’t let the litter box stay trapped for too long, as it can make the odor even more awful. Wanting to keep your cat’s litter box hidden in a confined corner is natural. After all, nobody enjoys smelling all that odor, right? However, the problem with this is that poor ventilation can make the stinking situation all the worse. Thus, you must try to find a spot with good airflow for keeping the litter box. Make sure it gets enough ventilation so that you can avoid the unimaginable stinking horror!

5. Wash the Litter Box Weekly

Along with all the above-mentioned tips, washing your cat’s litter box at least once a month is essential. Remove all the material from the litter box, scoop out the litter, remove the liners, and give the box a good wash with mild soap and water. Make sure to never use a strong detergent or bleach for the process, as your cat may find it uncomfortable. 6. Use Odor Controlling Litter or Pellets. Don’t try to skimp on litter. Litters have come a long way if are willing to spend a little more money. A good quality litter will be biodegradable, scented, and have low dust, and clumping control. Clumping control is very important as it neatly gathers your cat’s waste into a clump. 7. Purchase a quality litter box with a lid. One of the best things I have ever done is purchased a high-quality litter box with a lid. This keeps a lot of the smell contained until the next scoop. My favorite is the litter boxes that have entrances at the top as it keeps my kitties from kicking dust everywhere. Check them out by clicking HERE!

The Bottom Line

So there you have it - these were our top five remedies for dealing with the stinky litter box situation. As a cat parent, you cannot avoid smelly litter box situations from happening. But you can definitely use the above-mentioned remedies to deal with them effectively. Use these litter box cleaning tips and tricks, and your cat and your nose will thank you for it!

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