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Best Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Since I own a cat sitting business in Fort Worth, I always have people asking me about the best cats for people with allergies. Since I have been asked so often I decided to investigate. Cat allergies can deter your affection that you would like to give your cats. People having cats can become victim to constant itching and sneezing. The best way is to choose hypoallergenic cats that produce fewer allergens. Let be clear on one thing, no cat breed can be completely hypoallergenic, but ensure that you choose a less hypoallergenic breed.

What Causes Allergies to Cat Owners?

Many people believe that it’s the cat fur that causes allergies, but it’s not true. Cat saliva contains a protein known as Fel D1 that makes you feel itchy and sneezing. When your cat licks the coat, the saliva gets dried and becomes airborne. Some cats produce less protein, and they’re known as hypoallergenic cats. Such cats are ideal for people with allergies.

Top 5 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for People with Allergies

A variety of cat breeds can make pet parenting easier because they produce fewer allergens. The best way to determine you’re sensitive to a cat or not is to meet him or her. Ask a rescue group or shelter to arrange a meeting. It will help in making a decision.

1. Balinese

It is also known as longhaired Siamese. It’s the best candidate for a hypoallergenic cat breed. This cat produces less Fel D1 protein than other cats that make it the best cat breed for allergy sufferers. Balinese cats are sweet and smart. They’re well known for their ability to communicate vocally. If you’re feeling down, they can sheer you up with some happy chatter.

2. Javanese

They have a medium-long single coat like Balinese. They lack undercoat, which means they have less fur. This is why these hypoallergenic cats are best for people with allergies. Moreover, they’re devoted and known for their communication skills. They can burn extra calories in playful antics. If you want easy to train, hypoallergenic, and responsive cat, go with Javanese.

3. Cornish Rex

This cat requires more upkeep than the above-mentioned cats because frequent baths are required to mitigate oil buildup on their skin. Cornish Rex is active and inquisitive. They have a playful temperament. Their warm suede feel provides you perfect winter lap warmer. These cats are perfect for people with allergies.

4. Sphynx

Sphynx is also considered a hypoallergenic cat breed because Sphynx is hairless. It doesn’t mean that they’re maintenance-free. To remove the buildup of oils from ears and skin, frequent baths are required. Due to their animated nature, these cats are kids friendly. They entertain their owners in different ways. Moreover, these are devoted cats and love to be around humans.

5. Siberian

These cats have a moderately long coat like Balinese, but still, Siberian cats are hypoallergenic. They contain lower than average protein levels in their saliva. Siberian cats are affectionate, and they love to play. They have a fascination with water. They’re agile and great jumpers.


Adopting hypoallergenic cats can make you feel relax. Spend time finding the right breed and after bringing one home, keep an eye on allergic reactions. Frequently wash cat’s bedding and toys to reduce the number of allergens.

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