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Adopt A Senior Pet Month

November is the Adopt a Senior Pet Month. The main idea is to help older pets to find loving forever homes. Many shelters and rescues want people to add a senior pet to their family. Moreover, if you love senior pets and are concerned about them, spread the word throughout November. By doing this, we can help senior pets to find a good and loving home.

How Can We Help Senior Pets During This Month?

When people visit a shelter, they hope to adopt a young kitten or new puppy, and they ignore older pets in the shelter. Older pets probably find it the most difficult to have a loving family. Moreover, they spend a large amount of time in shelters before finding their forever homes. Senior pets require more care. You can help senior pets by adopting at least one senior pet this month.

The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

There are plenty of benefits to adopting a senior pet.

· Young kittens need lots of energy, patience, and training to become family pets.

· Senior pets are less energetic than kittens and puppies, so that you can teach them new tricks easily.

· Many senior pets already know the basic commands.

· They have low-key natures that make them ideal for households with children.

· They’re easy to handle.

· Senior pets are much more committed than younger pets.

What You Get by Adopting a Senior Pet?

Senior pets have developed personalities, so you can tell whether they’re a perfect fit for your family or not. Moreover, you get complete information about their breed, size, and health issues. You’ll get lots of love from senior pets. When you rescue them and provide a loving home, they feel appreciated, and they provide lots of love in return.

How to Celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month?

· Spread awareness through social media platforms and help them find a loving forever home

· Tell your friends who are interested in new pets

· Post a photo of at least one senior pet daily on your social media profiles using the hashtag #AdoptASeniorPetMonth

· If you have a senior pet, post a photo on social media and tell people about the benefits of senior pets

· The best way to celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month is to adopt at least one senior pet

· Raise funds for senior pets to help shelters and rescues.

Risks Associated with Adopting a Senior Pet

You need to adopt senior pets regardless of their age because they deserve a forever home. They can be a great addition to homes, but meanwhile, there are some risks as well. For example, you will have more visits to the vet. Some common issues with senior dogs can be arthritis, diabetes, gum disease, cancer, dementia, and kidney disease.

Where to Adopt a Senior Pet?

If you’re unsure where to adopt a senior pet, you can use different resources to find a senior pet. Some best and favorite resources are given below:

· PetFinder


· Adopt a Pet

· The Shelter Pet Project

These websites and resources can help you find the perfect companion.

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