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10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You!

Most of the time, cats show affection to their owners. Cats are not easy to understand, so you have to look for signs that your cat loves you. Cats show their love in different ways. They show some specific behaviors to tell you that they love you. Sometimes we don’t even realize that our cat is showing love.

Surprising Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Cats show different behaviors to tell you that they trust and love you. Some signs of love are:

1. Head Butting

Cats rub their head and face against you to claim that you’re part of their family. They do this to leave their scent because they have secret glands concentrated on different body parts.

2. Biting

Cats show affection through biting behavior. They bite other kittens and do the same with humans. Sometimes, these sharp teeth can hurt you but you have to control your anger. The better way is to divert their attention rather than reacting badly.

3. Tail Twitching

If your cat’s tail is winding around you or brushing against you, it’s a sign that your cat loves you. Cats do this to show that you’re their favorite person. Cats wrap their tail around their favorite people. Moreover, they rest their tails on them when they’re together.

4. Licking

When your cat starts grooming you, it indicates that she considers you her family. Grooming is the most obvious sign of friendship with your companion.

5. Kneading

Young kittens press their paws against their mother’s side to stimulate milk flow. They do this throughout their lives. Cats retain this association and enjoy this. When your cats start kneading you, it’s a sign that she’s expressing adoration and love for you.

6. Slow Blinking

Cats show eye contact with people they trust and love. If your cat shows slow blinking along with this eye contact, it means she loves you.

7. Cheek Rubbing

Cats run her cheek against your legs and hands. They do this when you pet them. In this way, they secrete oils from glands. It’s the way to show that they own you.

8. Tummy Up

When your kitten rolls around your feet and exposes her belly, it’s a sign of love, trust, and contentment. Cats show their vulnerable side when they love and trust you.

9. Purring

Another way of showing love is purring. Cats display this behavior with petting and chin rubs. They mostly purr when they’re close to you. Cats purr in two cases, such as when they’re injured and when they’re happy. So try to understand this behavior.

10. Sleeping with You

If your cat loves to sleep with you, it’s a sign of trust. It means that your kitten relies on you to protect her from other pets. On the other hand, she sleeps with you to protect you from harmful creatures. In both cases, when your cat sleeps with you, it’s a sign of love.

So, these are the 10 signs that your cat loves you. If your cat shows any one or combination of these signs, it means she trusts and loves you.

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